Time To Start The Shuttle Program Again

Gliese 163 c

In the news today, it was said that a newly discovered aline planet may be one of the top contenders to support life beyond Earth.  This “super Earth” called Gliese 163 c, is at the edge of it’s star’s habitable zone at just the right range for liquid to exist.  Astronomers say this and one other alien planet orbits the star Gliese 163, which is about 50 light-years from Earth in the Dorado constellation.  There are indications of a third planet but it has not been confirmed.

“We do not know for sure that it is a terrestrial planet,” Bonfils said. “Planets of that mass regime can be terrestrial, ocean, or Neptune-like planets.”

Orbiting at the inner edge of the habitable zone, Gliese 163c takes 26 days to zip around its parent star, which is considerably dimmer than our sun. The second planet, Gliese 163b, has an orbital period of only nine days, while the third unconfirmed planet circles from a distance.

Now they are trying to figure all this out with high power telescopes and waiting for these planets to hit certian rotations around their suns so they are closest to Earth so they can make better assessments of these planet’s atmospheres.  This is great but the problem is they will never be 100 percent sure if it can support life or if it does support life until someone actually lands on these planets and take a look around.  And the only way to do that is to fly there.

So that is why I say they need to start the shuttle program back up again.  Build some bigger, faster spacecrafts with larger crews (Just like Star Trek) and start exploring these planets, from there we can start exploring space all together and find more planets Earth like that our telescopes can’t see.


8 thoughts on “Time To Start The Shuttle Program Again

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I agree, I think it would be awesome, unless they were like War of the Worlds, Battle Las Angles, Alien, Predator, or Independance Day Aliens, don’t want our first contact to be an all out invations of Earth or anything LOL

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