Death’s Angel



By Robert M. Nelson II


Tired eyes

Shaky hands

Knees broken and failing


Body dying with each day’s past

Longing for youth rejuvenation

Falling behind in health and mind

Love my only salvation


Unwilling to accept

Times cruelest fate

I claw at centuries past


Sorrow unyielding

Anger rising

My sword, determination is wielding


Though time will ultimately

Win this War

Today the battle

Will up my score


I will not go quietly

Unheard and unseen

Instead a mighty cry of vengeance

Holding my blood soaked knife


Age will not define me

Over rotting flesh I choose life


For others will fall

It is the natural course

Though all before

I lose my war with



9 thoughts on “Time

        1. radaronelson Post author

          By your gravitar photo I thought you were in your 30s. I’m desperately trying to enjoy them just have a few things in life I need to work out to make it more enjoyable.

            1. radaronelson Post author

              LOL well it’s a good photo. Like I said I never would have guessed your real age from it. Well if you like this poem you may like my others, check em out they are under the Literature tab.


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