The Haunted

The Haunted by Bentley Little

It has been awhile since I have done a book review so I thought I would do one now for everyone.  This time instead of zombies we explore the supernatural; ghosts or evil spirits.  In the book, The Haunted by Bentley Little, a family moves into a house thinking it is a better neighborhood than what they were in.  From the beginning everyone has issues with the basement but unsure why.  Through time everyone slowly realizes their house is haunted but not just by a ghost but an ancient evil spirit that grows stronger with each soul it takes.  It also has the ability to control them as well.

Now I will say up front the ending kinda pissed me off.  I was hoping for something different to happen but even with that said I still feel it was an excellent book and I highly recommend anyone who reads this post and likes to read, to read this book.  You will not be disappointed.   So check out The Haunted by Bentley Little, it is a part of my library and I’m sure it will become a part of yours.


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