Does Your Wife Respect Your Judgment?

Salma Yaqoob wide

Salma Yaqoob wide (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reading a daily e-mail from All-Pro Dad that I receive and it talked about 10 ways to get your wife to respect your judgment.  This got me to thinking about my own relationship with my wife.  I have posted in a previous blog that women need to trust you to respect you and men need to respect you to trust you.  Well below is a list of ways to earn your wives respect for your judgment.

1.  Love your wife.  This is the most important because from this everything else will follow.

2.  Respect her decisions.  It’s about the relationship.  If you respect her decisions she is more likely to respect yours.

3.  Respect yourself.  This doesn’t me “strut your stuff”.  But give yourself credit and use it to be committed to earn her respect.

4.  Examine your track record.  Be honest about your mistakes, learn from them, and apologize when your wrong.

5.  Live according to a consistent code of ethics.   It’s easier to be convincing if your decisions are rooted in an ethical code.

6.  Make sure that humility is your watchword.  Make great decisions, collaborate with your wife, show allegiance, then don’t say a word about it.  Refrain from gloating in front of her.

7.  Live moderately in all things.  Demonstrate a pattern of moderate living and reasonable choices.  Don’t be a loose cannon when you know how to be steady and on target.

8.  Base your value judgments on ideals other than “me first”.  Put others first.  When you do everything else will fall into place.

9.  Demonstrate trustworthiness in matters both large and small.  Respect comes through supporting evidence.  Respect does not grow on trees.  As I said in an earlier post women need to trust you to respect you.

10.  Always include your spouse in the decision making process.  If you are always including her with the decision making, when you do take a stand you will more likely get the result you are looking for from her.


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