Ramble On

I was sitting here thinking about what to blog about and had a bunch of different, random thoughts pop into my head.  Not being able to narrow things down I thought I would just blog about a couple of them.

First, why oh why do people argue over politics or human rights such as abortion?  I don’t get it.  Yes I said argue because that is what always happens.  Oh sure you start out talking about it, stating your views why you hate that guy, why this guy is better, but eventually it turns into an argument, things get heated and your now yelling at each other about how obtuse they are being.  This is why I always try to avoid anything to do with these subjects, to include religion as well.  I have no interest having a 30 minute argument when I know for a fact you have your point of view and nothing I say is going to make you see that your wrong and I have my point of view and nothing you say is going to make me change my mind and believe something that is wrong.  The only people that can ever have what they think about these topics swayed one way or another are those who say “I don’t know” or are on the fence so to speak.  I have written one blog about politics.  I wasn’t stating my political thoughts and affiliation, what I did was list what party all our presidents belonged too and then listed  a few Republicans and Democrats and the bad things those particular democratic presidents did and the good things those particular republicans did.  That was all.  All fact, no opinion.  It’s still caused a stir anyway.

Then there is the art of arguing period.  Why do we feel when we are angry or when we disagree with someone like say our spouse or significant other or parent the only way to communicate is to argue and raise our voices and yell?  I’m not saying I don’t because I do.  I just think we the people, in order to form a more perfect union, could resolve our issues so much quicker and easier if we just remained calm, talked, stated our side, and worked out a compromise.

Then you have people who believe that your family is nothing more than a trophy that you show off at parties.  You should put in a minimum 18 hrs a day at work and then bring work home to do as well, instead of, depending on your job, keeping the work hrs to 8 – 12 hrs in a day, leave work at work, go home and actually spend time with your family.

Just some random thoughts I figured I would share.


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