And The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Here in the U.S. we are not unlike any other country in respect to the dangers of the wild.  We have scorpions everywhere, tons of poisonous spiders such as the black widow, we have to worry about being stung to death by those demon spawn the African Killer Bee, and up North you have to contend with Moose who can be very dangerous.  Then there is the occasional Python or Boa Constrictor living under someone’s house that was let loose by someone after it got to big for them to take care of.  Not to mention bears and in the South like Florida where unsuspecting joggers or pet wiener dogs become the snack for a 12 foot alligator quit often.  Of course you can’t forget the  sharks in the oceans off the shore of Florida, arguably one of the most dangerous predators, currently not extinct, ever known.

So I was reading through some old stories on the internet and I came across one that made me realize there are some places that just have it worse in this area.  Kenya being one of those places.  Martha Nduta was said to have been attacked inside her home and dragged away by a lion and eaten in July 2011.

Officials searched the area in the Nyahururu district and all that was found were a human skull and a few scraps of bone.  Remind me never to visit Kenya.


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