No Family Members Were Hurt In The Writing Of This Blog

A few days ago I wrote a blog about my grandmother and the few memories I had of her before her passing Thursday.  My intent behind the blog was to write those memories as how I saw them at they time they happened, as 12/13/14 year old, etc.  I loved my grandmother very much and the blog was meant to be nothing more than me paying homage to her.  In doing so apparently some family members took how I wrote it as I was making her look to be a bad person or that I would have been embarrassing her if she were still around.  To my family I say I’m sorry if I ever gave that impression.  I did not know my family was going to take things the wrong way.  I thought it would have been viewed the same way I viewed them, there were several even, though at the time may have been embarrassing but now as an adult I look back and find humorous.  I have in response and respect to my families concerns deleted that blog permanently.

I will say that it bothered me that I drove to Tennessee and I heard about it instead of being asked at the time is was posted 3 days earlier why I posted it and what was my intention behind it because they viewed it negatively.  I’m not out to ostracize myself from my family or have everyone against me.  I blog because it helps me cope with things.  It’s a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings without verbalizing them directly to someone and possibly saying something I regret.  In this case I ended up blogging something I regretted anyway.  So I say again, I loved my grandmother very much, she was my last grandparent I had and I miss her dearly.  From here on out though, I will no longer be blogging about any family member except my wife and my children/step children.  If I have something I’m blogging about and it involves another family member I will be sure to write it in a way that no names are given and no one knows who that person was.  I have learned, even on here, it is best to just avoid talking about family all together, even if to you it is something you remember as something fond.

I do apologize for leaving without saying goodbye, I just felt after the service, I just needed to immediately come home instead of hanging around another night.  So if you were upset with what I posted that blog has been deleted and no one will ever see it or any blog similar to it naming specific family members again.


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