We Will Rock You!

It’s that time of year again for all of us football fans and our loved ones, who may not be fans but watch with us because they love us and look at it as an opportunity to do something with us that we enjoy (unless your lucky like me and your loved ones enjoy it as much as you), and pull out your #1 styrofoam hand, terrible towels, jersey of your favorite player, football helmet, paint your face and body, get dressed up, have parties, and yell at the refs and the players on TV or if your lucky at the stadium.

There is something about football that brings out a sense of pride, tradition, and loyalty in people that they may not show in anything else.  There is something about supporting your team, saying THAT is MY team, win or lose, I stand beside them every year through thick and thin that you just can’t duplicate.  My wife will wear her Redskins hat and jersey and I will wear my Steelers Jersey, have my terrible towel out, my Steelers blanket during the winter, along with my Steelers coasters that are out year round and shout and yell at the TV until the very last play.

I have 2 of these lovely beauties!

I have a Steelers tattoo too.

Some go so far as to paint their bodies the colors of their team or paint their teams logo on them or if your like me and a die hard fan of your team you even have your team logo tattooed on your body.  There are those who go even further and dress up with some very elaborate costumes as well.

So no matter who you are and what team you support whether come in last place every year or have more Super Bowl rings than any other team (like my Steelers), enjoy this years football season.  Have fun, party hard, enjoy those tailgate parties, support your team and for those loved ones that don’t follow football enjoy this opportunity to do something with your loved one that they truly enjoy more than anything.  It will pay off for you I guarantee it.




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