No Respect

As a man, I can say men are pigs.  It astonishes me how little respect some men have for women or even their husbands if they are married.  Not to mention, being someone who has been in a position of influence, I truly don’t understand this mentality that a lot of people in that position get what is called “The good ole boy syndrome.”

Now, you may be asking yourself what is the point to my rambling, well let me tell you.  I have a pretty gorgeous wife.  She is very sexy and I know men check her out, more men then I like even try to pick her up, some even so bold as to try to give her “that look” while I’m standing right there.  But you know, every now and then looks are one thing, constantly sexually harassing my wife is another and frankly I’m getting sick of it.  She has a guy who constantly stands by her desk while she is sitting at it with his crotch by her face and talks to her, he turns everything into a sexual come-on, has even gone so far as to offer to pay her to suck her toes (he has a foot fetish) and have sex with her all the while knows she is married.  Now what the fuck.  She is my fucking wife.  She’s not a fucking prostitute.  She’s not going to have sex with you, not even for money and the fact that you constantly harass her shows that you have no respect for her or for me as her husband.  Saying anything to her boss will do no good because here is where the good ole boy syndrome comes into play, nothing will be done.  She will just be told not to worry about it.   When I was in the military this kind of behavior would NEVER have been tolerated and it sickens me it is in the private sector.

Take your redneck fucking out of date good ole boy attitude and go fuck yourselves.  I am sick of it.  I would never treat someone they way my wife is treated on a daily basis and not just at work but by people out and about at the 7-11 or when we are at the bar.  It’s fucking ridiculous.  So, as a man I ask why do men have to be such assholes?  They are making us all look bad.

I might add my wife does not do anything to provoke this kind of behavior, not with what she wears or with how she talks.  It’s just plain ignorance and jerkness on their part.


4 thoughts on “No Respect

  1. Shannygirl

    You should also mention that the reason I have not left this job is because I’ve had 3 surgeries in the past year and they’ve not fired me for missing work plus I have 1 possibly 2 more surgeries coming up and no one will hire me knowing I’m going to miss approx 4-6 more weeks of work when I do. I”m stuck there until my health issues are resolved.

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