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Do Not Get Sick in the Sink, Please

Sometimes I wonder how drunk I would have to be to participate in an orgy.  Or how cute the guys would have to be.  Or what combination of alcohol and attractiveness would be required.  I’m looking at the photo from this article in The New Yorker about some Chinese government officials who just got caught having the group sexy times and I’m thinking there’s not enough jiu (that’s the Chinese word for “alcoholic beverage.”  See?  This blog is educational) in China to get me to bang any of those guys.

I like how they took the time out of their orgy to pose for that photo, just like we used to do in elementary school.  I mean, we posed for group portraits in elementary school, we didn’t have orgies.  At least, not at my school.

Do you remember those class photos?  Short people in front, tall people in back.  I’m wondering if…

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