You don’t want to be on my wife’s bad nickname list….trust me.

Shanpagne's World

I do believe that at some point I have mentioned in one of my blogs that I tend to give people who annoy me nicknames.  If they really just get under my skin the name tends to be more on the mean side then the funny side.  So I figured this morning I would tell you some of the names I’ve come up with for some of the people who really annoy me.


First off there is Fat Bastard.  Now after living my entire adult life and most of my childhood overweight I never call anyone fat.  I know how badly that little 3-letter word hurts so I try very hard to never ever think this way about anyone.  But this ahole just doesn’t give me a choice on calling him names. He is the slimiest sleaze ball ever and does anything and everything he can to cause…

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