Star Wars Comes To Life

It would seem George Lucas and his vision in Star Wars wasn’t as far fetched as one might think.  Welcome in a new era of the hover vehicle.  Now it won’t fly through the forests of Endor like the speeder bikes in Star Wars but its controls could one day allow you to fly without pilot training.

This aerial vehicle has two ducted rotors instead of wheels but originates from a design abandoned in the 1960s.  Imagine flying one of these to your job or even on the job.  Unfortunately it is not planned to be immediately developed and sold as a manned version.  Instead it will be a test for unmanned drones.  Testing has shown that the older version could fly as fast as a helicopter.  The company plans to fly a second version of its vehicle in October, and also prepare an unmanned drone version for flight testing by the end of 2013.


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