Weakness? Or An Area For Improvement?

Many times we have tried to hide our weaknesses or tell ourselves we don’t have any at all.  The truth is no one is perfect.  We all have weaknesses or flaws so to speak.  Some look at this as something that can hinder you or hold you down, while others look at it as an opportunity to improve.

Another thing to consider would be your spouse.  If you have met your one true love, your soul mate, the one you were destined to be with, then this person will normally be strong in those areas that you are weak.  The same will go for you, you will be strong in the areas they are weak in.  Basically you compliment each other, two souls working together in harmony.  They will also know when you are going to have problems before you have them and be able to give you the support you need to make it through.

The human body and mind are born with flaws.  Some you can correct with training, education, and help from medicine and other people and then there are others that will never be changed, will always be flaws and something that you will have to live with.  But that doesn’t mean it would have to rule your life, you can take control and turn it into a strength.

No matter what though, your weakness has an opposite, something or someone that compliments it and changes it or completes it and turns it from a weakness into a strength.  The key is to be actively looking if you haven’t already found it.  The point being, just because you have a flaw or weakness, doesn’t mean you have to live with it and just go through life thinking it is a hindrance.  Embrace those flaws, those weaknesses, find that yang to your yin and turn that weakness into a strength.


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