Is It Fate Or Chance?

Life, the choices we make, determine the path we take but do we end up where we are in life, become who we are in life because of the choices we make or is it destiny or fate and no matter what choice is made we will always end up right where we are just at a different time in our lives?  This is the question I pose to you.  I will give you several options and you make the choice what you believe to be true.

First off, are you where you are today because it is fate?  You are destined to be where you are.  You are destined to be with who you are with, or alone if that is the case.  Destined to have dated or married the people you did in your past.  Basically if you believe this, you believe that no matter what choices you make in life everything that has happened to you and everything that will happen, has or will happen for a reason.  It is your destiny.  And example would be you said yes to marriage and ended up divorced.  Even if you had said no, you would have still ended up married and divorced just at a later time.  You would have still bought that car just at an earlier or later time depending on your answer.  This theory implies that there is a divine order to things and no matter what you do you can not fuck up that order or your fate.

Now going along with this whole destiny/fate thing is the theory that you can change your destiny or your future.  Say you said yes to dating this guy, fate determined you would end up married and end up divorced 8 months later.  Now say you said no to dating this guy, under this theory, that would mean you would never marry him, which in turn would mean you would never be divorced.  Because of this you changed your future.  In this future you may find someone whose parents happen to own a string of hotels and have lots of money and they sing in a band and you marry them and stay married till one or both of you pass.  Another example, you turned right and hit a woman on a bicycle crossing the street but if you turned left then you never crossed her path and she goes on with life never knowing what might have happened if you turned right.  This is the theory that you can change your future if you change your choices in your past, another name would be the butterfly effect.  Basically this means, though you changed the past, the present could still happen just in a different way or time, changing your future so to speak.

Last but not least is the theory that everything is random chance.  Meeting that  woman at the bar was chance or luck.  Finding out a month later she is pregnant, all apart of that chance thing.  No matter what choice you make in life it has no control over your future or present because every choice you make is a random chance.  Nothing has order to it, everything is chaotic.  Basically the theory of Chaos Theory.  Nothing ever happens exactly the same why twice and every move made constantly changes your future.

So the question is left up to you.  Do you believe no matter what we do we are bound to meet the people we have, marry the people we do, be on the path we are?  Can we change our destiny or future by make in different decisions in our life?  Or is it all just happenstance and chance and it doesn’t matter what we do or say.  In the end it boils down to what do you believe.


7 thoughts on “Is It Fate Or Chance?

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  5. Kitt Crescendo

    I believe that fate and free will coincide. I think you’re fated to experience certain things…but are given the free will to decide how you’re going to handle or respond to those things…

  6. Kitt Crescendo

    In fact, I gave my in depth thoughts on this question to someone on another blog when I first started blogging. He worded it differently, but at it’s core, I think you’re asking the same thing. I also find the subject & people’s thoughts on it to be interesting. You may want to see some of the responses he got. (No, it’s not MY blog…so I don’t get the a-hole award…LOL!)


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