Shark Bait

So Shark Week has begun.  Though I do think sharks are amazing and terrifying creatures, they are also not to be messed with.  This show just reinforces my earlier blog with my personal experience with a shark and why we should not be in the ocean unless on a boat.

Serious, the other other day they found a dead whale floating in the ocean and something like 20 great white sharks were feeding on the whale.  They are taking pictures from the boat and that’s cool but then this dumbass says hey I want some really good pictures so I’m going to step out on this very slippery dead whale and sit on it while these great white sharks feed on it around me not 2 feet from me.  Then while on it he almost falls in.  How unbelievably stupid can you be?

Then they make this special cage to go in the water that moves instead of sitting in the water by the boat.  So this cage is smaller, meaning he is laying on the bottom of the cage.  In other words if the shark attacks the cage where he is laying he’s losing parts of his body.

I’m sorry but that is their home.  Sharks are dangerous predators, especially great white sharks, you don’t break into their house and swim around with them and not expect them to eat you.  So I say again, it’s their home, we are the visitor, STAY IN THE FUCKING BOAT MORONS!


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