Prison Or Home?

Prison Or Home?

By Robert M. Nelson II


These walls surround me,

within I have no way out.

Padded walls, ceiling, and floor,

keeping me safe I have no doubt.


Prison or home?

I can not tell.


Pacing, staring, banging my head,

screaming at nothing,

hoping, praying, someone can hear.


Am I dreaming,

or have I gone insane?

Because my sanity seems so far away.


Where are my pills to calm me down,

make me not care of where I am.

Maybe it’s just a dream,

and I’m not in a cell,

but alone in my home

and I just can’t tell.


Prison or home,

insane or not.

I’ll just accept these walls

while I sit here and rot.


Just another poem written by myself.  I hope you like.


3 thoughts on “Prison Or Home?

  1. susieslittleinspirations

    I love this poem, it’s not too dis-similar to one of my ‘A living nightmare’. very well written. x


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