My Favorite Comedy TV Shows

I was sitting here trying to think of something to blog about and TV comedies that I liked came across my mind so I figured why not blog about that, everybody just loves lists anyway.  Now of course, I can guarantee there will be shows you liked that will not be listed because I didn’t watch them, like Seinfeld, never did like that show or I liked them but they just weren’t good enough for this list.  So here we go.


30.  The Andy Griffith Show

29.  The Facts Of Life

28.  Alf

27.  The Addams Family

26.  The Jeffersons

25.  Family Ties

24.  I Love Lucy

23.  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

22.  Family Matters

21.  Home Improvement

20.  The Cosby Show

19.  MadTV

18.  Good Times

17.  Taxi

16.  Cheers

15.  Step By Step

14.  Gilligan’s Island

13.  Growing Pains

12.  Happy Days

11.  The Golden Girls

10.  30 Rock

9.  3rd Rock From The Sun

8.  Benny Hill

7.  M*A*S*H*

6.  How I Met Your Mother

5.  That 70’s Show

4.  Reno 911

3.  Two And 1/2 Men (The Charlie Sheen days)

2.  Married With Children

And my number 1 all time favorite comedy TV show was

1.  Everybody Loves Raymond



10 thoughts on “My Favorite Comedy TV Shows

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Yes I know I did, these were MY top shows. LOL that’s why I put the disclaimer in the beginner people would definitely see that there were shows left off.


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