I was with her and lord the smell was horrible.

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I think I have mentioned before that I am the only female where I work; it’s a CDL training school so the students who attend are outside for about 80% of the time in the heat, snow, and rain.  Now imagine all of these men (most of them grossly out of shape) standing around in the hot summer heat, sitting in the hot tractor trailers with no air conditioning.  See where I’m going with this?  The body odor can get to be a little overwhelming sometimes.  I have a candle that I burn, a vanilla body spray that I will spray when needed, a fan to blow the smell in the other direction, anything to try to help.  Luckily where I work I can do these things, or even get up and go outside for some fresh air, but yesterday I wasn’t so lucky.  My husband and I went…

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