Are They Escalators Or Stairs?

Escalators.  They are wonderful things…….when they work.  Now one thing I have noticed living in the Virginia/D.C. area is for some unknown reason, no matter what time of day, month or year I take the metro rail there seems to be anywhere from one to more than one escalator that is not working.  Now I ask, why is that?  It’s funny because on the other side of the escalators are stairs.  Now if an escalator isn’t moving doesn’t it become stairs?  So why do you need more stairs?  Yea I know at some point they are supposed to fix the escalator which means you can’t walk on it but, they are never working on them.  They are always broken or not moving.  So it makes no sense to me.

Every single time I go to the metro the escalator to go down to the train isn’t working and I have to walk down but the one going up is.  When I get off at my stop the escalator going up to get out isn’t working but the one going down for those catching the train is.  Then of course when I come back to the metro to get on the train the escalator going down that was working is now no longer working, it has now become a set of stairs and the escalator that I previously had to walk up is now working and turned from stairs back into an escalator.

Of course when I get back to where I started, thinking well the escalator was working going up when I got on the train to start with at the very start of this round trip, it would only make sense it still would be.  I mean what are the chances that it would be reversed like when I got on the train to return to my car.  Of course how stupid of me to think that.  I get off the train and like an old creaky step in a set of stairs, it is true to form and is reversed.  The stairs I had to walk down at the very beginning of this trip is now running and the escalator that was working going up from the train has now turned into a set of stairs.

Are these things magically touched by fairies like the mice in Cinderella who change from mice to a pumpkin back to mice at midnight?  Is that what it is?  Is their transformation into an escalator just some magical doing from a fairy and at a certain time of day they turn back into stairs?  It sure seems like it.  Or is it just me and my bad luck? I have to say it is really annoying I can’t just go to the metro, stand my lazy ass on an escalator and ride it down or up till the end.  Is there some escalator demon that is doing this to me?  I mean really, lets fix these escalators so they work longer than a couple hours a day.  We pay a lot of money in taxes and a lot of money just to ride the metro and that money we pay is supposed to go toward the metro keep up and maintenance.  It is obvious it isn’t so I ask, where is that money going and why am I not allowed to ride it?  Why do I have to always walk the “steps”?  I say to you, D.C. metro people, fix those damn escalators once and for all.


3 thoughts on “Are They Escalators Or Stairs?

  1. DaPoet

    The tax dollars you pay goes into the pockets of your republican politicians and the titans of industry who sponsor their reelection campaigns instead of maintaining the Metro. It is called conservative republican ideology. If you expect better then I suggest in the next election you refrain from voting for a republican.

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