Day 1 – The Zombie Apocalypse

Well I do believe the day has come.  It is finally here.  The zombie apocalypse is finally upon us.  It isn’t as widespread and happening as quickly as most believed it would but it is happening.  Sorry but there will be no pictures this time but hopefully next time.

So I was on my way to work and the things I saw were just unbelievable.  Once you hear what I saw I’m sure you will believe me or you may have already experienced some of the flesh eaters yourself.

So anyway, the first thing I saw was a homeless man.  Now that is nothing really new around D.C. except he appeared to be eating something, again nothing new until I got closer.  As I drove by I looked and realized it wasn’t a hamburger from McDonald’s.  This dirty, homeless guy was chewing on a big nasty rat at least that is what my brain said it was.  I sped past as quickly as I could lest he decided he wanted me instead.

As I drove, I saw a man running.  Again this is nothing new, in the summer people are out running all the time, he had a red shirt and shorts.  It wasn’t till I passed I realized he only had one arm and his shirt must have been red from the blood pouring out because his other arm had been bitten off and he was running to get away.  Well we all know if you get bitten you will eventually turn into a zombie yourself so there was no helping him and I sped away again.

Finally, as I got to the parking lot I notice a man sitting in the back seat and a pair of legs on the  ground behind the back seat door.  He had an unusual look on his face.  As I walked by I realized that look was a look of shear terror because below him was a woman (the other set of legs on the ground) who had her face buried in his crotch ready to rip off his genitals with her teeth.  If I had a weapon I would have taken them both out because he would be turning into one eventually too.  It was too late for him but I couldn’t so I turned and ran so I couldn’t see her dismembering him then continuing to devour the rest of him in the backseat of that car.  Poor man was just trying to get home.

So I’m sitting at work right now.  I only hope in the morning it isn’t that bad and I can make to my car and back to the apartment safely.  I will keep everyone updated the best I can.  Good Luck Everyone.  Hopefully we can over come them before they over come us.

nervously signed

Robert M. Nelson II


19 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Zombie Apocalypse

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Ahhhhhh I gotcha. Yea I can see that, definitely. Huh, that would be something have my little mini story turned into a game for the computer or X-box. Oh the ideas LOL

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      1. andreatatiana

        Meee tooo. I’ve spent whole night discussing zombie apocalypse plans with friends haha. In media I think it is something about the loss of humanity that keeps me coming back for more zombies.

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