Showing Support

First I want to say thanks to everyone who follows my blog and supports me.  I appreciate it, because you are the ones who make it all worth doing.  So keep looking, keep liking, keep rating, and keep commenting, I will always reply back.  Because you are so kind to support me and my blog I thought I would do the same and dedicate this blog to you.  Now, I can’t possibly put everyone on here so if you’re not mentioned, I do apologize I will try to endorse you on the next one.  I also hope by me endorsing your site on here that I by no means upset or offend anyone, because that is not my intent.  I am here to give praise to your site and hopefully bring more people to them.

First and foremost we have my wife’s page.  She has some outrageous stories, great poems, and emotional and moving moments that I think everyone should read, so go by her page, click follow and start reading her posts, I guarantee you will like what you see.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead TV series then this site is for you.  They are the official site for promoting conventions and interviews for The Walking Dead TV series.

She is a UK writer and very good at it.  I definitely recommend you check out her site and her published books.

Do you want to know the latest on sports?  Well Chelsea has it.  Go check out her site and you won’t be disappointed.

This site is dedicated to women’s health, motherhood, and inspirational women.  Every day she posts someone new who she feels is an inspirational woman.  So women check her site out, you’ll be inspired I’m sure.

Her name says it all, Jill of All Trades, is just that, she has a variety of things she blogs about and is a wonderful blogger.  With the Olympics going she has been following the medal count for everyone as well.

If it’s book reviews you’re looking for this guy has them.  Check him out and follow his blog your sure to find a review of a book your looking for.

Remember when you were young and going off to college?  Maybe you are that person now.  Well this blog is just that, just an everyday blog about life and adjusting to those changes.  Follow and support her as she forges a new path in her life and career.

Oh what can I say about this guy?  LOL he is a poet first and can I say political antagonist second?  LOL just kidding.  Though we may not always see eye to eye on our political views he does have them and he does write great poetry as well.  I employ you to check out his site, read his poetry, and engage in political commentary….IF YOU DARE!

Do you like great photo’s?  Well she has them.  Her site is pretty much dedicated to the posting of some pretty outstanding photos.  I highly recommend you check it out and follow.

Melisa is a very good friend of mine so follow her on her journey after surgery.  I don’t want to give anything away so you have to follow her and read her updates to get the full scoop.

She is pretty much straight forward.  She blogs about life, about what she feels, and what is happening to her.  There are some moving things, and hey you may even find a few things you can relate too so check her out.

Are you an adventure junkie?  Do you like to travel?  Well follow Lesley on her adventures and let me tell you she has many.

Another outstanding author.  I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts.  But beware, she’s not for the faint of heart LOL……so please check her site out, click follow and check out her books as well.

Here is another great site with many inspirational and thought provoking blogs.

Are you looking for an inspirational blog?  Someone to take you on a journey that may be somewhat religious?  Well this one is for you.  Like I said it is religious but not preachy and she blogs about herself and her journey as well so check her out.

This author has many great stories and her journal is definitely one to follow.  I highly recommend you follow this one.

Do you have a dream?  Something you aspire to be or do?  Well follow this site and share your dream with him.  This site is all about sharing your dreams.  Not the ones you have when you sleep but the dreams you hope to achieve.

Another site who’s writer does poetry and writes.  I encourage everyone to check her site out.

Again the name says it all.  It’s all about politics.  You can agree or disagree it doesn’t matter, it’s still a good site to follow, comment, agree or disagree with in your comments.


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