Tips To Increase Views To Your Blog

Is this your first time blogging?  Have you been blogging for a while but getting frustrated that your not getting a lot of views on your blog?  Well this blog is for you.  I, by no means what-so-ever, claim to know everything about blogging and I will say what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next but I will also say this has worked for me so try it and see if it works for you.  There are many different things  you can do to increase views to your blog.  Also a side effect of increased views is increased followers, likes, and comments.  You have to realize though this doesn’t happen over night it took me about 3 months to figure it out and get it going so, just be patient, let it work for you and I can almost guarantee over time you will start to see the changes you are looking for.

In this blog we will go over topics to cover, visuals to use, categories for your blog, tags to use for your blogs and searches, titles, writing the blog itself, links, spelling and grammar.  All these things are very important and they all play a part in who successful your blog can be and will be.

So lets get started.  The first thing you have to do is figure out what your going to blog about.  Sometimes this can be easy and other times this can be very difficult.  The important thing to remember unless you are specifically going to blog about one thing only and that is your theme for you blog then you need to make sure you vary your blogs.  Some people blog about nothing but recipes, others blog about nothing but books, but most people blog about their life and I don’t know about you but my life isn’t set to a theme and there isn’t one thing that repeatedly happens to me everyday that I can talk about.  No, my life is a kaleidoscope of events from birth to present, all varying from topic to topic as your blogs should do.

These are some things I have blogged about in the past:  book reviews, the zombie apocalypse, bugs/insects/and my interactions with them, and and my interactions with natural disasters, backpacking, poems, places I have traveled to, things to do with literature, dogs and my views of them, clowns and my views of them, and many others.  I can tell you out of everything, the ones that get the most views are the ones about the zombie apocalypse, my experiences with wasps, anything literature, my view on clowns and dogs, lists (you can make a list for anything) and my travel blogs.  So these are some things to consider when thinking of topics.  Some other ideas are music, movies, celebs, your opinion on new products or current events, recipes, or tell stories about things that happened in your past that were funny, exciting, or even sad and traumatic (yes, because you may find others who had similar experiences looking to find they aren’t alone).

Next is your title and writing the blog.  Your title needs to catch peoples eye and have something to do with your blog even if it doesn’t directly say so.  Be witty and funny.  Next is writing the blog itself.  If you notice I always start my blog with a picture, something to visually prepare them for what they are about to read.  This is not necessary but I have found people, though they like to read, they like visuals too.  So throw some pictures in your blog or even a video now and then but make sure they go with the topic of the blog you are writing.  When writing, don’t be boring.  Don’t drone on and on, be entertaining.  Make them laugh, make them cry, make them angry, the point…..create an emotional response, if you can do that they will come back again and again. Next, spell check and grammar.  If you know you suck at spelling and properly forming sentences then open up Microsoft Word and type it in there.  It has auto-formatting and spell check.  So, when you have something wrong it tells you and you can right click and select the right thing.  Then copy and past in your blog when done.

Next up is links.  You can use the recommended links provided which auto-links words in your blog or you can add links to sites yourself.  This is good but don’t overdo it and I wouldn’t do it in every single blog you do.  As for categorizing your blogs on your blog page, don’t put them all under one category say “blogs” create appropriate categories for what your blog is about, say Entertainment, History, Life, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, etc. and file the blog appropriately.

Next is tagging your blog, this is how people find  your blog when they do searches.  Your tags need to go with the theme of the blog, use key words from your blog as well.  If you talked about a book, use the book name, author, literature, books, writing, writer, entertainment, and the “subject” of the book as tags.  I also recommend to use certain tags on every blog, these would be Blogging, Blog Post, Blog Posts, and Miscellaneous.  I try to use between 10 to 15 tags as well.  Below are a few of the most searched words that people have used to find my blogs.

Zombie Apocalypse, MILFS (in ref: my Mother’s Day blog), steelers logo, wasps, evil clown, snakes, steelers, hornets, evil clowns, zombie clown, horror clown, types of wasps, the zombie survival guide, demon clowns, etc.  You get the point.  You can see these searches brought them to my blogs about the zombie apocalypse, my experiences with wasps, my thoughts on clowns, etc.  Once you have this done you are ready to publish.  One last thing, if you have a social media page like on Twitter, Facebook or something to that effect publish your blog to there as well, also set your blog settings to be search-able through search engines such as Google and Yahoo, this will also help to increase your views.

Like I said you are not going to see an increase immediately, you might get a blog that gets a lot of hits but then the next day your down again.  Give it time, more than a couple of days or a couple of weeks.  You will see improvements I promise.


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