What Men Want….Really What I Want

I’m sure most people have seen the movie What Women Want with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.  Very funny movie.  Anyway, he gains the ability to hear what women are thinking so he uses it to his advantage.  Who wouldn’t right?  I mean even woman or man would do this if they could.  As he finds out, not all women want the same thing.  Sure there may be some similarities but as general rule, every woman is unique and every woman wants something different.

Well women I’m hear to tell ya, men are no different.  Can I get an Amen?  I SAID CAN I GET AN AMEN?  Thank ya brother!  You see uh….all women think uh…that all men uh…are the same uh…That all we think about uh…is the wonderful uh….amazing uh…tantalizing uh…feeling uh….of sex with a woman uh….(or man if you bat lefty).  Can I get an Amen?

Men too are equally unique, different from each other yet similar as well.  Sure, just like women there are certain things men are similar in their thinking but as a general rule, every man is unique and every man wants something different.  Of course I can’t speak for every man but I can speak for myself.

I’m like the typical cliche that surrounds men in some respects.  I’m like the Korn song A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Sex).  It’s natural.  It’s natural for women to as well, so don’t even deny it, trust me I live with a woman who does so I know!  But there is more to it than that.  Here is where my wife says I am not the average man.  I like sensitivity in lovemaking.  Taking it slow.  Those types of things.  I’m just so sensitive…LOL

Anyway, I feel the need to take a pause here and write a disclaimer.  Though this is about what men want and more specifically what I want, I am by no means soliciting anyone to try and “hit me up”.  I am married and my wife just so happens to meet those things I want.  That is of course unless your looking for a threesome then we can talk.  🙂

Okay, back to what I want.  I love redheads but any will do really, love Asian women but alas they are more just a fantasy in my life than a reality.  I look for intelligence, I don’t want someone I have to “dumb” everything down for.  That just annoys me. I like to be able to have intellectual talks.  I love a sense of humor, especially a dirty sense of humor.  I also like sarcasm but at the right times.  Don’t get sarcastic with me if your arguing with me cause that will only piss me off more.  Take care of yourself.  Use the make-up but PLEASE don’t overdo it.  Sense of style and fashion and you know, showing some skin on occasion doesn’t hurt either.  Wear them high heals and boots….especially tall boots, knee high boots….mmmm mmmm mmm.  If you have a hard time walking in them, learn damn it.

Don’t be dogging sports, especially football.  Take an interest and try to learn it, make it something we do together because guess what?  I am going to do the same for you.  Watch those scary, gory, and zombie movies…..because if you do, I guarantee you I will watch your girlie, musical movies with you in return.  It’s all about give and take.  Be experimental in the bedroom for Gods sake.  Doing the same ole thing is boring.  Try new things.

I’m a flirt, I don’t mind you flirting, just do it where I can see.  Don’t be afraid to do it in front of me.  If it’s just for fun, then me being there or me being able to see it written should not be a big deal.  If you have to hide it then there is a problem because I guarantee you wouldn’t want me hiding it from you.

Have fun, go out, drink, see movies, shoot pool, dance, party with the neighbors.  Just have fun.  I like fun.   That’s what I want and I can almost guarantee that is what most men want.  So if your wandering what men think and how to be better successful with them in a relationship then pay attention to what I like and take some pointers.  Like I said every man is different but we have our similarities and so you just have to mold it to your man to make it work.  If you do, you will see amazing results, guaranteed.  Every relationship is give and take from both parties, it’s not all about the man giving and the woman taking, 2 way street ladies, 2 way street.


7 thoughts on “What Men Want….Really What I Want

  1. DaPoet

    Its not a woman’s words that define her but her actions that tell the tale as all too often her words and actions are diametrically opposed.


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