My Soul Cries

My Soul Cries

By Robert M. Nelson II


My soul cries,

lonely in the night.

My heart breaks,

in the dark, there is no light.

I have done so much,

that can’t be fixed.

So much wrong,

that my heart is vexed.

My tears run red,

from the blood of my heart.

To hurt you again,

can only tear me apart.

To make things right is all I can do,

to be a part of something new.

Renew your love and trust in me,

to fulfill our hopes of how we use to be.

Dedicated to my wife, my lover, and my best friend.  I never want to lose you and all I want is your happiness.  You are my support, my reason for being.  I love you.

And to all the readers….no I did not cheat on my wife, if that is what you derive from this poem.


7 thoughts on “My Soul Cries

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