Memories Of A Car I’ll Never Have

I can remember when I was in 10th grade, my step-mother and dad had a misty blue 1988 Mazda RX7.  This car was sweet.  I can remember looking forward to riding in this thing even if it was in the back seat.  I knew from the moment she brought that car home, THAT was the car I wanted and to this day it still is.  Realistically though, I know I never will have it.  I just don’t have that kind of money and with my luck with cars it will be in the shop in 6 months.

Still I can remember thinking if I had this car I wouldn’t have to do all these girls homework anymore to get them to like me.  They would just see me in that car and they would cream from just hearing me start the engine.  Oh the dreams I had of me, that car, and all pu…uh women I could get with it.  It was glorious.

The thing was it wasn’t just the outside of the car but the inside was just as awesome from the steering wheel to the seats.  This was just one bad-ass car.  And it was calling my name.  I can still hear it calling me.  If your really, really quiet, and listen you too can hear it……robert drive me…..the chicks will swoon…(YES SWOON DAMN IT)….Robert Drive Me….The Chicks Will Swoon……..ROBERT DRIVE ME……THE CHICKS WILL SWOOOOOOONNNNN!   GOD I want that car.  Anyway, are there other cars out there that may be cooler, faster, sleeker, louder, or whatever?  Sure but none of them will ever replace Jasmine and her sleek Misty Blue body.  She is still in my dreams and who knows, maybe, one day that dream will come true.


9 thoughts on “Memories Of A Car I’ll Never Have

  1. Shannygirl

    seriously… HAHAHAHAHAHA.. okay.. wait.. not done.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Jasmine… you named it Jasmine.. and what chicks do you want swooning???? I’m all the pu..uh woman you need! And they don’t make them anymore, they make the RX8’s now.. and your right.. w/ the way you drive a car, it would be the shop in 6 months.. Besides, I get the next new car, you’ve had 3 since we’ve been together.. and I want the Camero dammit.. or a Mustang Shelby, fully loaded of course.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Well back in high school you wouldn’t talk to me so it was all the other pu..uh women i was after. And yes I know they don’t make them anymore.


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