Tips To Survive The Coming Zombie Apocalypse Part 3

So it’s been a few month’s since I posted a blog on tips to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.  April to be exact.  But since then I have posted several blogs on things that have happened that could be the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse.  So with that said and the fact that even 3 months later my zombie blogs are my most looked at blogs I figured I would do a Part 3 for everyone.  Now most everything I talk about can be found in Max Brooks book The Zombie Survival Guide, which you better believe I will have my copy on me at all times when this happens in full force.

So the zombie apocalypse has started and for whatever reason you need to abandon your fortress.  Either it has been overrun, your out of supplies, you or someone in your party is critically injured, fire, or whatever, the fact is you need to leave.  Well there are some things you need to know.  First you are crossing an infested area, you will never be safe or secure, you are the prey and you are exposed.

Rule one:  Have only one goal.  Your are trying to escape.  Don’t go chasing lights in the sky or hunting zombies on the side.  This will get you or others in your party killed.  If you come across someone who needs your help, then help them but otherwise keep going.  But be careful.  The world has changed and even those not infected will try to harm you to survive or just because they are sick and twisted.

Rule two:  Have a destination.  Know exactly where your going.  Do not leave and wander aimlessly.  If radios are working use it to search for a haven.  Always have a backup in case your primary destination is overrun when you arrive.

Rule three:  Try to find out from people you come across information about where your going.  Number of zombies between you and your destination, natural boundaries, fires, chemical spills, safest and most dangerous routes, weather, etc.

Rule four:  Get in shape.  By now you should be conditioned for a long journey, if not start working on it.  If there is no time, make sure the path you are taking is within your physical abilities.

Rule five:  Avoid large groups.  When defending yourself large groups are a plus, but when traveling it is the opposite.  There is a larger chance of detection and your mobility is slowed.

Rule six:  Train your group.  Know everyone’s individual skills and use them appropriately.  Who can carry the most, who runs the fastest, who is the quietest, who can shoot the best, who is better with a bat or other hand to hand weapons.  Who can hunt, who can fish.

Rule seven:  Stay mobile.  Once discovered the zombies will come at you from every direction.  Continue to move, that is your best defense.  Be prepared to run, never unpack everything.  Always keep your shoes on, take frequent short breaks and stretch during each break.

Rule eight:  Stay invisible.  If you have a watch, turn off the alarm.  keep canteen’s full so they don’t slosh when walking.  Tie down everything so they don’t bang around when walking.  Refrain from fires, flashlights, and other sources of light.  Eat cold rations.  Fight only if you have too.  If you can avoid a battle, do it.

Rule nine:  Keep an eye out and look for potential threats.  Watch for movement.  Don’t ignore shadows or distant humanoid forms.  Listen for footsteps, moaning, scratching, undead sounds.

Rule ten:  Sleep.  No matter what ensure everyone gets sleep.  You can do this by posting guards and switching out during shifts so everyone gets the same amount of sleep.  Don’t use sleeping pills or other things to help, because they may make you harder to wake if you are attacked.

Rule eleven:  Don’t try to signal people.  If you see a plane, don’t try and wave it down, you may be waving down a horde of zombies instead.  The same with using a mirror on the sun.

Rule twelve:  Avoid urban areas.  The simple fact is a place that was inhabited with more living will now have more dead then other locations.  More buildings means more places for ambush.  Plus you can be cornered, trapped or otherwise surrounded.


6 thoughts on “Tips To Survive The Coming Zombie Apocalypse Part 3

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  2. Kitt Crescendo

    So, turn of the ringer on my cell phone, grab my knives and baseball bats…make myself invisible and stay away from urban areas…Sucks that I have to watch out for canals and shit in FL…I don’t want to run into gators while hiding from zombies…I’d rather not be either’s lunch.


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