Sometimes, I Think Karma Has Bad Aim

You know there are some people who you just think….one day, karma’s gonna catch up with them.  We have a couple people who continually make our lives a living hell yet they continue to live a good life, nothing bad ever happening to them.  Yet we sit on the side and it just seems to be one bad thing after another.  We aren’t bad people.  We don’t do bad things.  We just seem to have bad luck.  Either that or Karma just has very bad aim.

Last Wed I went to the used tire place to get a new tire for my drivers side rear tire.  $45 and I’m on my way.  I get home several hours later, around 7:30pm I go outside and damn if that tire I just purchased isn’t totally flat.  Tire place is closed and we are going to Kings Dominion in the morning.  So I put the spare on and first thing in the morning we go back to the tire place.  They say it was a leak in the valve stem, fix it and send us on our way.  We had a great time, come out around 6:pm to leave and get to the car and yep, same tire, flat again.  WTF.  So I put the spare back on drive the hour and a half back home.  Now I am supposed to be getting on the road at 5am Friday morning to take my kids back to Florida.  That’s not happening now.  We have to go back to the tire place, which doesn’t open till 8am.  They give me a new tire and by 9:30am we are on the road.  I’m driving close to 3 hours, about 13 miles outside of the North Carolina state line still in Virginia and we stop for gas and lunch.  I look and guess what?  Tire is going flat again.

I can hear the air coming out and find a big hole in the tread.  Great.  I find a tire shop and pay $15 to have them put in a plug.  We get back on the road, drive about 3 hours, stop and I notice the tire looks like it is going flat again.  I check it and sure enough, the plug didn’t work and it’s leaking out the same spot.  I put air in the tire and call my dad in Florida to look for a tire for me for when I get there.  Next stop I decide to buy some fix a flat.  I put it in wait a minute but it’s still leaking.  Damn, I put air in and take off.  Now I didn’t know that you have to drive it to get the fix a flat to work.  It’s the rolling of the tire that makes it coat the inside of the tire.  So the next stop I notice I don’t need air though there is a slight leak it’s not near as bad as what it was.  As with each stop it got less and less till it stopped all together.  The next morning we look all over and no one has my size used tire.  So I get back on the road back to Florida.

So I’m driving back and I’m in North Carolina, an hour outside Virginia, go it on cruise control, and suddenly it starts revving up on me.  I take if off cruise and slow down a bit.  Now I have this sound like air going through a pipe.  GREAT.  I don’t need this.  I keep driving and eventually stop for gas.  I check it out and I hear rattling under the engine and that noise.  Well I can’t afford a tow all the way back to Woodbridge so I have to drive it.  I make it to Richmond and suddenly it starts getting sluggish, the engine light and the oil light comes on.  Now I checked all my fluids and they were fine before I left.  I pull off and the oil is gone.  I put 4 quarts in and go.  I have to, I have no choice.  It’s going but sluggish.  I’m an hour from home and the oil light comes on again.  So I stop, I buy 8 quarts this time and put 4 in and take off.  Now I’m 30 mins from home and the oil light comes on again.  So I pull over and put in the other 4 quarts.  Are you counting?  That’s 12 quarts so far.  I figure I made it 30 mins on 4, I have 30 mins to go, I should be good right?  NOOOOOOO.  I am 5 miles from my house and the oil light comes on again.  I stop and put 4 more quarts in.  It’s going really sluggish now, barely wanting to go, I got a death cloud of smoke coming out my exhaust, but I finally made it home.  The next day I took it to the mechanics and they call and say it’s the turbo and new from the dealer is $2000 and used is $950 and they have to order it.  Today they tell me they found a brand new one for $1000, just $50 more than the used and it should be in Friday.  Problem is I don’t have that kind of money and Thur I go to court to hopefully convince the judge to lower my child support, correct everything the child support division messed up and give me back my medical credit that I’m supposed to have according to our divorce decree.  Karma, you need to fix your aim!


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