Space Exploration

Space, the final frontier.  The space program has had it’s ups and downs over many years.  But for some reason we have not spent enough money and energy in faster spacecraft and space exploration with people.  Sure we got our satelites roaming through space taking photos but that isn’t the same as having a flesh and blood person out there exploring, landing on these planets and seeing if we can colonize them.  Making contact with new life and new civilizations.

I believe we need a renewed effort in our space program and spend the money to do these things.  Our planet for one is becoming over-populated.  There is all this talk of global warming, recycling so we don’t use all our resources, etc so planet colonization is an important venture for our future.

Now with space exploration comes the posibility of meeting other alien species.  Yes I believe in aliens.  There is no way in all the galaxies that our planet is the only one that has living creatures on it.  It’s impossible.  I’ll even counter the religious aspect with the fact that I went to church for 34 years of my life, I know the bible inside and out.  Nowhere in there does it say Earth is the only planet that he created living creatures on.  Nowhere does it say aliens don’t exist.   With that there have been too many sightings all throughout history of UFOs, aliens, people talking of abductions, etc.  There is Area 51, the famous government spot where the remains of the Roswell crash were taken and surely many others were as well.

Even government and civilian pilots have made official reports of sighting UFOs.  There are just too many people with too many sightings and too many stories to say there isn’t an existance of aliens.  One day, we will finally be exploring space and we will reach the out reaches of our universe and we will find we are not alone.

Our imagination to create these creatures, stories, spacecraft, and planets in our books, movies, and minds are a testiment to that fact that we can’t be alone and that we do have the potential to explore other planets, colonize them, and to find and become friends with other alien species.


One thought on “Space Exploration

  1. Kitt Crescendo

    Hmmm…I’m gonna lie and say this is the reason I used to love Roswell the TV show. Because they were exposing us to the truth about government conspiracy and the fact that aliens are out there (and living among us as really hot teenagers with cool powers). 😉


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