The Arguer / Know It All

I think everyone knows a person who for whatever reason feels this driving need to argue with everything you say, right?  And if that isn’t enough this same person thinks they know everything there is to know about everything.  Ie. college is absolutely useless as well as reading any kind of book or magazine because they would not be attaining any new knowledge.  Why?  Because they already know it all.

There is nothing I can’t stand more than someone arguing with me just for the sake of arguing.  It bores it’s self under my skin like a flesh eating virus.  Why?  What is the purpose?  Why do you get off arguing?  I have worked with people like this, you tell them to do something and they give you every reason why they think someone else should do it or why they can’t and by the time you get them to do it, you could have had it done yourself.  God it is so freaking annoying.  Just do it.  I’m your freaking boss.  Do you want to lose your job?

Then on top of that they walk around like they know everything.  There isn’t one topic you can bring up that they don’t have a comment for or know something about.  Even if they are pulling it out their ass and you know nothing they are saying is true, they act like it is because they want to sound smarter than you.  Dude it’s really not necessary to act like you know everything.  It’s really not a sin to admit there are some things you don’t know anything about.  No one is an expert on everything so stop acting like you are.  Trust me EVERYONE is getting tired of hearing you talk about all the useless crap you theoretically know that in reality we know your just making up.

Not to mention if you know so much and all you have time to do is argue with people or butt into peoples conversations and talk out your ass quoting stuff that you made up or heard from a friend who heard from a friend then you seriously need to re-evaluate your priorities and get a life.  Watch a movie with your wife, go bang your mistress, pick up some drunk woman and bang her from behind while she vomits out your car window, or go see a disney movie.  Do something other than pissing everyone off with your constant arguing and quit boring everyone with your useless “knowledge”.


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