My Favorite Horror Movies Continued

So after publishing my first list of Top 25 horror movies I was reminded of numerous other horror movies I had apparently left off.  Well, I didn’t exactly leave them off, they just didn’t make my Top 25.  So to satisfy everyone I thought I would follow it up with a continuation list starting with 26 to 52.  Hopefully between the two lists, my Top 52 make the masses happy.

26.  Psycho (I enjoyed the original and the remake personally)

27.  Priest (It’s not a list without vampires)

28.  The Blade trilogy

29.  The Underworld movies (all 4) (again vampires and warewolves have to make the list)

30.  The Birds

31.  Poltergeist (Remember the meat with maggots and the toy clown attacking the boy?  Definitely creapy)

32.  The Blob

33.  The Myst

34.  Red Rose

35.  House on Haunted Hill

36.  Children Of The Corn (Malicaih, Malicaih)

37.  Salom’s Lot

38.  The Haunting

39.  Interview With The Vampire

40.  Shaun Of The Dead (Another one of those funny horror movies)

41.  Pet Sematary (Remember the sister Zelda?  I think she was the creapiest thing in the movie)

42.  The Shining

43.  The Cabin In The Woods

44.  The Amityville Horror

45.  Hellraiser (Mr. Pinhead himself)

46.  The Omen (Nothing like finding out your son is actually the anticrist)

47.  Hostel (This one even made me sqeamish)

48.  The Ring


50.  Event Horizon

51.  Zombieland (Yet another comedy horror movie with zombie clowns)

52.  Jaws

Okay that’s my continuation list from yesterday’s Top 25.  Again, there are many, many more horror movies out there that I enjoy and who knows, I may make another continuation list starting with 53 at a later date.  Hope you enjoyed it.


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Horror Movies Continued

  1. Shannygirl

    This is a better list.. but most of the movies your listing I don’t view as horror.. just gore fest..There’s nothing scary about them, they are just gory.. like all of the Underworld movies… and most zombie movies are just gore, although I am Legend was a bit scarier then just gory..

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