Is The Zombie Apocalypse Upon Us?

Is the Zombie Apocalypse upon us?  According to the CDC they say no it is not.  Spokesperson David Daigle told the Huffington Post “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms).”

Yet there have been numerous “zombie” type stories in the last few days.  First there was the story in Florida of a naked man eating 80 percent of a homeless man’s face.  When told to stop he just looked up, growled and went back to eating before being shot.  His girlfriend said it was voodoo but authorities believe it was the now popular drug “bath salts”.

In New Jersey a man repeatedly stabbed himself with a 12-inch knife and threw his intestines at cops.  Now he had a history of psychiatric problems, and barricaded himself inside his N.J. home when this event took place late Sunday.  He refused to drop the weapon and began waving it along with a hammer.  He repeatedly stabbed himself in the legs, abdomen and neck.  When he began throwing pieces of skin and intestines at the officers, they called the SWAT team.

Next on 16 May a “mysterious rash” at McArthur High School in Hollywood FL launched a HAZMAT investigation.  12 students and 2 teachers were treated and released.  The source of the rash remains unknown.

Two days later HAZMAT crews are called to For Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to determine the source of an “unknown chemical” that sent 5 people to the hospital.  Cause not confirmed.

20 May, a man arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol near Orlando and charged with felony battery charges for spitting blood in a patrolman’s face.  He was “extremely agitated and enraged” and repeatedly banged his head on the patrol car’s plexiglas partition until he bled.

A few days later another mystery rash in Broward County school.  HAZMAT team was again called and again left without answers.

The next day a “disoriented” Canadian man was arrested aboard an American Airlines plane after he attempted to rush the cockpit after it had just landed in Miami.

Whatever is happening in Florida appears to be spreading.  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign tweeted the following warning to its students:  “Hazardous materials released at Institute for Genomic Biology.  Escape area if safe to do so.  Otherwise seek shelter.”

There has also been stories of a flesh-eating bacteria appearing on people.  Most notably a South Carolina mom was diagnosed just days after giving birth to twins.  She was released after giving birth and 13 hrs later readmitted after noticing a spot on her leg that was growing rapidly.

Now we have scientists warning of a new HIV/AIDS invading North America called Chagas Disease.  It is carried by insects and a single-cell parasite.  They say the parasites that cause Chagas disease, are carried by triatomine bugs that infest houses in poor communities.

Today a Maryland man was found eating his roommate’s brain and heart.  He admitted to chopping up his roommate with a knife and eating his heart and part of his brain.  His brother found the remains and his father called the police.

ZOM-BIE:  n.  also ZOM-BIES pl.  1.  An animated corpse that feeds on living human flesh.  2.  A voodoo spell that raises the dead.  3.  A Voodoo snake god.  4.  One who moves or acts in a daze “like a zombie.” [a word of West African origin] – Max Brooks, “The Zombie Survival Guide

So I ask you, is it the Zombie Apocalypse or are they just a bunch of coincidences that have nothing to do with each other.  Rashes, viruses, chemicals released, multiple cases of people eating other people or appearing dazed and doing unspeakable harm to themselves?  You decide.  But while you’re deciding, you may want to prepare yourselves and read my other 2 blogs about preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse.  Just a suggestion.


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