Things About People That Annoy Me

Most people who know me know I’m a pretty understanding guy.  I can take a lot but at the same time there are just some things that annoy the hell out of me and it is very difficult for me to keep my mouth shut when I run into these people.  There are just some things to me and maybe I’m in the minority on this that are just plain common sense and it seems a lot people out there don’t have any.

1.  People who feel the need to constantly talk.  I mean so much so you wonder when they are going to stop to breath.  They have to fill the quite void with their loud chatter.  Now I like conversing like the next guy but not every second of my day has to be filled with my ear rotting off from the constant noise it’s being bombarded with because these people don’t know when to just shut up and enjoy the silence.  Especially when your just making up stuff to talk about just to talk.

2.  People who when they talk act like they know everything about everything.  You know, it must suck to be so smart that you know everything about the universe and everyone you talk to is dumber than a box of rocks.  “When I worked here I did this all the time, then when I worked here we always did this, and when I worked here, I always dealt with this.”  You’ve been out of the military 2 years and you’ve had that many jobs?  I’m sorry but somethings wrong with that picture if your going through jobs like underwear.  Newsflash:  You don’t know everything so stop talking out your ass, making stuff up, and making your self sound like a dumbass.  No one believes you.

3.  Loud talkers.  I am 2 feet away from you and my hearing is not going bad.  You do not have to talk like you are on the other side of the building.  Seriously lower your damn voice.  There is a thing called the inside voice, learn it, use it.  It is your best friend when talking to people.  No one, and I mean no one likes a loud mouth.  If I’m backing away from you, it is because of one of several reasons, your in my personal space, your breath or body odor stinks, or your loud ass mouth is giving me a headache.  That doesn’t mean move closer cause I backed away either.  And if I don’t answer you, I heard you, I’m ignoring your loud ass.

4.  People who have to be in your personal space when they talk to you.  Everyone has a personal bubble.  We are like moose.  Our personal space varies from minute to minute, from person to person.  Some we don’t mind being a foot from us and others we prefer you to be at least 4 feet away from us.  But these special people think they have to be so close you can count the hairs in their nose.  If you don’t back off, I WILL groin check you buddy.

5.  Disrespectful people.  I am married.  My wife is married.  You have seen her with me.  Even if you haven’t you see the ring.  Okay so you make a try, thinking maybe you’ll get lucky, but you get told no.  No means no.  It doesn’t mean to be disrespectful to her and by virtue of ignoring her me, and continuing to make sexually explecit remarks and advances to my wife.  Showing her a picture of your junk is uncool.  So is asking her to sit on your lap or your face.  If she wouldn’t get fired for it, I’d kick your fucking ass for treating her like some married slut.  She’s not some piece of pussy looking for dick.  She is a married woman.  Treat her and me with respect.  Respect the ring.

6.  Liars.  These people are on the top of my list.  I do not like being lied to.  I don’t care how small or how big the lie is.  A lie is a lie.  You screw up, man/woman up and say it to my face.  I will always do the same.  It may hurt your feelings or piss you off but you can be sure I’m not going to lie to you about something especially to save your feelings or because I know your going to get upset.  I especially am not going to lie because I screwed up or did something wrong.  It’s called integrity:  doing what is right even when no one is looking.  You know your busted, you got caught doing something you shouldn’t or not doing something you should, don’t sit there and lie to my face and think I’m actually going to believe your bullshit.  Ain’t going to happen.  Fess up, tell the truth.

7.  Lastly for this list anyway, though there are plenty others I may go into in another blog, is abusers.  Wether it’s a woman abusing a man, a person abusing a child, a man abusing a woman it doesn’t matter.  Verbal, mental, emotional, physical abuse is uncalled for in my book and you are the lowest of the low.  I believe in the death penalty but for you, that you do not deserve.  Most of the people you abused, have to live with it for the rest of their lives, and so should you.  So no death for you, you should endure the most horrifying, excrusiating torture known to man for the rest of your life, with a 1 minute break every hour on the hour just to screw with your head like you did with theirs.  Abusers in my book are the lowest form of life.  Yes I Hate You.  I have been on the receiving end and it is not something that goes away.  Have I had it as severe as some people I know?  No not by a long shot.  But even the smallest bit of abuse is enough to scar someone for life.  A person isn’t there for you to control.  They are your equal.  Not your underling and should be treated as such.


7 thoughts on “Things About People That Annoy Me

  1. Shannygirl

    Well baby… #1… I’m sorry but I can’t stand the quiet.. I am getting better though.. I’m forcing myself to not say a word when we are at least in the car..LOL.. and you should be use to the loud talker by now.. I mean damn.. Jon’s made us loose some hearing…

  2. DaPoet

    Fortunately for me I work alone most of the time and intentionally steer clear of the guy’s in my department as much as possible. I take my e-reader with me to work and spend my breaks improving my mind by reading; instead of joining in the useless conversations about sports – boozing and other boring stuff.

  3. beliebinme

    I remember not being able to talk quietly, like in the middle of the night, I’d be in the middle of the convo with my friend or whoever, and then they’d randomly hit me and tell me to shut up. I just couldn’t talk quietly or whisper! The older I get, the quieter I can talk.

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