Because It Was There…..

Whenever someone is asked why did you do it, there seems to be two universal answers that people respond with; either “because it was there” or “because I can/could.”  An example would be “Why did you climb that mountain?” response:  “Because it was there!” or “Why did you sleep with those two women last night?”  response:  “Because I could.”

For myself, I have asked myself these same very questions and have responsed with those same very answers.  They are simple yet, they say a lot.  But I have found, for some reason when asked by others these questions my verbal responses are totally different.  I tend to give an intelligable explanation sometimes even long and drawn out because there is a story behind the answer and the answer just wouldn’t make sense without the story.  But thinking back maybe, “because it was there” or “because I can/could” would have said it all.

So next time someone asks you why you did or said something, before you answer with a long answer or an even longer story, ask yourself is “because it was there or because I can/could” enough?


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