As one looks back on their life they can’t help but think of all the good and bad times that they experienced.  These memories help to shape us, define us, make us into the person we are today.  Sometimes we forget things we so dearly want to remember and other times we remember things we desperately want to forget.  I thought I would share some of my own memories with everyone, but not all, because there are some memories I am not prepared to share with the world just yet.

Some of my earliest memories are when I was a little kid, going to see the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus.  They are vague memories but fond memories none the same.  Another memory I have is seeing the Harlem Globe Trotters, I remember leaving with a little plastic palm sized basketball.  I remember the first time I got laid, being so nervous, I think more so because she was so forceful about it.  She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it one way or another LOL.  Then there was the neighbor girl who claimed someone “snuck” in her bedroom and had sex with her and she thought it was me and me saying “If it were me you would know it not think it and you damn sure wouldn’t have slept through it” then there was high school.  I think I had a crush on 90 percent of the girls, of course that could have just been my hormones talking too.  I remember skipping school senior year with my best friend and another friend from work loading the trunk of the car with beer and heading to Daytona Beach for the day, getting drunk, playing football and tripping over the waves.  I remember the death of my Grandmother just a couple months after I entered the Air Force and how sad I was because all she ever wanted was to see me in my uniform and she never got that chance.

Of course I can never forget my 20 years in the Air Force, from Basic Training to my retirement ceremony.  Working mortuary affairs in Alaska and when a British pilot crashed having to escort his remains (in baggies) to the morgue.  My TDY to Vegas and getting off the strip, have a car drive by, hearing a pop, and a whizzing by my ear, then later finding out me and my buddy were in the middle of gang territory.  My trip to Korea, and getting so drunk off So-Ju I couldn’t remember the night, where I was the next day and wanting to vomit so bad but couldn’t for 3 full days.  Then partying every day after for the 45 days I was there.  My trip to Thailand which nothing compares to.  I loved that place, the food, the people, the drunken nights LOL.  My trip to Paris France which wasn’t as great as I thought it would be but I did get to party in the Eiffel Tower.  And of course deploying to war after 9-11.  That is an experience I will never forget, some parts I don’t want to, others I do but can’t.

My children being born and how proud I felt seeing them and how they have made me to this day.  Living in Alaska, backpacking all over the state, to include Denali National Park.  One time we saw a herd of Caribou, had a wolf track us, and saw 6 Grizzly Bears, 3 Blonde Grizzlys as well as a bunch of Doll Sheep.  I also remember backpacking through a ghost town in Alaska and having a bunch of people from Switzerland decide they were going to pitch their tents right in our campsite and sleeping in the tent with the dog and my son and suddenly hearing the man and woman in the tent next to us having sex, hoping my son wouldn’t ask what they were doing.  Though I think he already knew.  Then there was moving to D.C., working at the Pentagon, and telling my ex I wanted a divorce and having to tell my children and seeing them cry was the hardest thing I ever dealt with.  I would have rather been back in the war then see the hurt on their faces.

The memories of my current wife and before we were married flying out to see her and spending the weekend pretty much in the hotel room, she had me naked within 3 mins of seeing me.  Driving through Mexican gangsta-ville.  Visiting one weekend and accidentally hitting her with a frozen ham.  Then there was spending our honeymoon in San Antonio and her buying me a body-shot at Coyote Ugly.  Walking everywhere, dying of heat stroke it was so hot.  Going hiking one summer when the kids were visiting.  Seeing her face when she saw the watch I bought her and the Diamond Earrings.  Sitting at the hospital when she had her bypass surgery, and her two hernia surgeries while during the second one suffering from pneumonia myself.

These are just a few memories I have.  There are so many more, from growing up as a kid, many more of my kids growing up, to include my daughters graduation from high school and feeling so proud of her, to my life in the Air Force, and my life after the Air Force.  But the memories don’t stop there.  That’s the great thing about memories, your never done creating them and as long as your alive there will always be new memories to add to your old ones.


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