Tips To Survive The Coming Zombie Apocalypse Part 2


Okay time for some more tips on surviving the coming zombie apocalypse.  Last time we mainly discussed weapons.  Now let’s discuss structures.  First thing is wherever you are you want to secure it and only venture out when you are in need of supplies.  Now we all want to ensure our family is safe and if they aren’t with us more than likely will try to get to them.  Knowing you will not head this warning I will say it anyway, don’t go looking for them.  You only increase your chances of becoming one of the walking dead.  So you have your place secure, be warned it will not last, most never do unless it is heavily fortified, boards eventually break under pressure if that’s what you used to cover your windows, doors, etc.  But it will last long enough for you to gather yourself and supplies.

If you live in an apartment, the higher up the better, for the average, slow mo zombie, stairs can be a formidable foe for them to climb and easily defended against because of how narrow they are.  Plus that means if they do make it up your front door is the only entry you need worry about fortifying, unless they start climbing walls like spider-man or something.  If you have a one story house or any house, stay out of the basement.  Aside from the obvious horror movie cliché that everything bad happens in the basement to include that whole opening to hell being down there thing you don’t want to be trapped there with no way of escape if they invade your house.  If you have a multiple story building, put all your supplies upstairs and take out the stairs so if your place is invaded the dead can’t reach you.  Also, you will want to rig a way to get out the window safely if you need to leave due to lack of rations, ammo, or for some reason you can no longer stay there permanently.  Remember too, if you must venture out never go alone.  This is for several reasons, one just to have back-up, someone to watch your back for you and two so if something does happen to you there is someone else there who knows and if they make it back to your party they can let everyone know.


Places to stay away from:  Shopping malls, grocery stores, stores in general and schools are are a bad idea.  Think about it, where do you find mass amounts of people, at any given time?  These places and if they turned there will be lots of zombies roaming around.  This also includes banks, gyms, and even churches.  Why churches?  Because where do people go when they are scared?  The church, for some, hope that maybe if they are there, God will save them.  Well guess what these are zombies not vampires they can enter a church no problem.  Police stations are another place to avoid but more because of the living.  A lot of bad people will most likely go there because of the guns, ammo, and drugs kept in storage as well as those who were caught and being processed or locked up already.  Stay out of the cities whenever possible and try to stick to the country or mountainous areas.  There are more people in the cities than the country which stands to reason if people turn, guess what?  Now there are more zombies in the cities than in the country.



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