Things To Know About Me, Myself, and I


Okay so I have posted a few blogs, you have read a few blogs, you have a glimpse into my brain and my life.  I figure now would be a good time to fill in a couple of the missing blanks, not all but a couple.  I have to leave some mystery to me.  So I figured I would list a few things about myself that you may or may not already know.  And just so you know, I got this idea from my wife, so props out to her for doing it first so I could later steal her idea.  We all move up the ladder of success on the backs of others you know.  So thank you baby for being that back to support me as I step up the ladder of blogging success…LOL, I’m just kidding, trust me her blog page is way better and bigger than mine could ever hope to be so damn it check her’s out if you haven’t already done so.  Now on with the show.

1.  First off, who knows how many times I have been married?  That would be 2 times my friends.

2.  I have 3 children from my first marriage and 2 step children with my second one.

3.  I love cats, love big dogs especially huskys and border collies, I very much have a dislike for small dogs especially chiwawa’s, their nothing but ankle biters with a size complex.

4.  I retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service.

5.  I am a huge Alice Cooper fan, one might say I have a man crush LOL.

6.  My favorite foods are any oriental especially the non-curry Thai, seafood, and pussy (oops did I just say that last one?  My bad).

7.   I will try anything once, from new foods, going to new places and countries, to acting out new fantasies with my wife of course.

8.  I have a very bad habit of turning most anything I hear or see into something sexual.

9.  Up until about 5 years ago I was considered a quite, nice guy, then I asked for a divorce and broke from that shell.

10.  I prefer Crown Royal or Vodka over anything else.

11.  I read a lot.  Mostly horror/zombie books.

12.  I love horror movies and books, especially zombie ones.  The more blood, guts, sex, language, and violence, the better.

13.  I am a Star Trek and Star Wars fan but only so far as to watch the TV shows and movies.  I have never nor will I ever dress up as a charactor unless of course it’s to act out a sexual fantasy then all bets are off…….hey them klingon women are hot!

14.  I collected baseball cards and comics up through my late 20’s.

15.  I live (to quote Elvis) “In the ghetto.”

16.  I have eaten BBQ rat, scorpion, ant, grub, and chocolate covered locust (fear factor night after getting wasted one night in Thailand).

17.  I have a step sister and 2 half sisters.

18.  I love music, movies, drinking, and hiking.

19.  My favorite T.V. show is The Walking Dead.

20.  I’m a hard rock/heavy metal freak, BUT I do like me some R&B, rap, soft rock, and country as well.

21.  I can’t stand classical music or opera….can we say snoooooooze.

22.  I have traveled a lot of places around the world and still have a lot of places left to see.  Thailand was my favorite to date.

23.  Australia is on my bucket list of all time places to see that I have yet to visit.

24.  My first sexual encounter was when I was a kid and was a one night stand with a girl I never saw again nor can I remember her name.

25.  I love my wife, my soul mate, my confidant, my sexual plaything, my girl toy with all my heart and soul.

Now if there is anything else you would like to know you’ll just have to ask.  This is only a fifth of the real me but it’s me all the same.



11 thoughts on “Things To Know About Me, Myself, and I

  1. shanson3871

    I have to disagree with #7.. You said your WON’T go zip lining with me! I like being your #25 too. And yes.. you do turn EVERYTHING into something sexual..

  2. DaPoet

    Re: We all move up the ladder of success on the backs of others you know.

    This sentence reminds of a Welcome Back Cotter episode where Horshack went to ask one of his relatives, whose office was in a high rise building, for a job. His relative walked him over to a window and told him to look down on the people in the street as he proceeded to tell Horshack that he’d gotten where he was by stepping on all those people. Horshack looked at his relative and asked, “Wouldn’t it have been better to have taken the elevator?” LOL 🙂

    I am curious about one thing and that is what compelled you to ask your first wife for a divorce?

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I loved that show. LOL. What compelled me was many things. One I never wanted to get married. She sorta forced me. I was never one to stand up for myself and she was very controlling. So after 15 years I finally got tired of having to ask permission to go somewhere, be with my friends, being told what friends I could have and who I could have as a friend, no females were allowed to be friends unless she personally knew them and was friends with them and ever since a friend of hers husband cheated on her (they were missionaries) she automatically assumed if he could I could and would accuse me all the time even though if I wasn’t at work, I was at home, with her or the kids. To this day she still tries to control me and my life in form or another by either using the kids or child support or alimony. Losing control of me was something she just could not accept. I sounds weird but men can be controlled and mentally abused and I am one of those men.

  3. DaPoet

    Re: I sounds weird but men can be controlled and mentally abused and I am one of those men.

    Not to me and the only thing unusual about your statement is that you are brave enough to admit it while most men sit and stew about it in silence until they can’t take it anymore and act out violently towards others or themselves.

    I myself witnessed both of my stepmothers physically and emotionally abuse my father while growing up and as an adult. In the end my dad’s third wife contributed to his being nearly bankrupt before he died while his second wife transmitted to him an std that destroyed his liver and caused his death seventeen years ago. When my number 3 divorced my dad number 2 decided to reappear and conned my dad into another try at living with her.

    As for myself I allowed my wife’s disapproval of my writing to keep me from writing poetry until after my father’s death and came close to committing suicide as a result.
    That was when I finely decided to put my foot down and do what I wanted to do which was to write as a hobby – an intellectual outlet – in my spare time since I really wasn’t interested in writing professionally. Thanks to the internet I can publish my poems and have gained a modest audience writing what I want to write instead being dependent financially on a publisher writing what they want me to write.

    I have been married thirty and a half years and it has been the hardest thing that I have ever done. My father was married 3 times and my mother has been married 9 times officially and lived with another one for a grand total of 10; one of whom she divorced on paper in order to get number 7’s social security benefits then remarried number 8 on paper which also made him number 9.

    Whew! Still with me?

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Thank you and thank you for sharing. I’m sorry to hear that happened to you and your father. It can be very difficult to deal with and get past.

  4. Kitt Crescendo

    Oh, my God! I totally get why we get along so well now. I turn practically everything into something sexual, too! And I love my Crown Royal…and if I’m doing vodka (which I usually do), my fave is Grey Goose! (And then there’s the whole Air Force connection).

    I love that you have a man crush on Alice Cooper…LMAO!

    1. radaronelson Post author

      LOL, yes I’d say we are very much alike. As for Alice my dad actually got me hooked on Alice when I was about 15 and I have been hooked. I own about 80% of everything he has put out either on vinyl, cassette, CD, or DVD. I’m not gay but I’d do him in a heartbeat LMAO


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