My Review Of The Zombie Fallout Series

Okay so I said at some point I would write a book review so I figured instead of just one I would review a series.  The Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo.


Let me just say that this entire series is totally awesome.  So far there is just Zombie Fallout 1 through 5 and 3.5.  There is supposed to be a 6th book and a prequel at a minimum.  This is one of those series I can only hope it doesn’t end there.  You ever read a series and you just don’t want it to end?  Your hoping there will always be a new book?  This is one of those series.  The author pulls you into the story, makes you genuinely care about the characters in the book.  Some you love, some you hate.

The series follows the Talbot family and their fight to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Along the way they make new friends such as B.T., another wonderfully built character, and Tommy, but they also make enemies as well such as a man called Durgan and a vampire called Eliza who is hell bent on taking out him and his family.  Unfortunately for her he always manages to find a way out of her grasps.  They cross the U.S. to find her mother and his father and siblings, fighting men looking to steal women for nefarious purposes, a religious cult and a son who through a cut from a  zombie has a direct link to Eliza.  To top it off they still have to deal with the hordes of zombies all about them.

This series is one of the few series I have read that I have to say is a must read even if your not a fan of zombie books I guarantee you will like this series.



3 thoughts on “My Review Of The Zombie Fallout Series

  1. shanson3871

    I swear.. your not gonna be happy until it happens in real life. But you are correct, this is a great series and the author has such a unique style of writing.


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