Tips To Survive The Coming Zombie Apocalypse


pic taken from unknown artist.

So this time I thought I would give everyone some tips on how to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.  I can’t of course get everything in one post so count on more tips in the future.  If you don’t have The Zombie Survival Guide:  Complete Protection From The Living Dead by Max Brooks then I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself a copy and read.  Aside from being a good read it is very informative and could save your life when the zombie apocalypse happens.  So here are a few tips from this guide to help you along and to hopefully survive.

First you must chose the right weapon.  Never carry just one.  Blunt objects are always the best.  They make less sound for one when using.  The sound of a gun will always attract more zombies in in the area.  Second when killing a zombie, damage to the brain is what kills them and with a blunt object like a sledgehammer will smash the zombies brains more easily.  Next are edged weapons, they have an advantage because some are sharp enough to decapitate a body.  Bow and arrows are one off the list now just from the stealth factor but also because they enable you to kill the zombies from a distance.and then of course there are the different types of guns.  While these are great in taking down a zombie horde, the aren’t the best choice when faced with one or two zombies because of the sound caring to where the others may be.  Finally we have our homegrown and otherwise explosives, great when you want to take out a mass of zombies at one time.  One last thing to remember, if you have a gun of some sorts make sure you are stocked up on ammo and your gun is always loaded, you certainly don’t want to face an on coming hoard with an empty gun.

Now where does that leave myself and my family?  Hmmm well we don’t have any guns, which I think when we have other more important matters taken care of we may just have to remedy that situation.  We do however have a bat and I have several long bladed knives but of course that means close courtiers combat which we want to avoid if at all possible.  Wouldn’t want the accidental scratch or bite.  Now there is a sporting goods store around the corner that sells weapons so if this ever happens, I would have to make a run there to clean it out.

Okay as I said there are so many tips I can’t get to them all so I’m going to leave off with weapons.  Next time we will talk about defense and fortifying where you are when the zombie apocalypse happens.  Good luck, stay safe, and hopefully we will make it back for your next set of tips.  If not happy hunting.


5 thoughts on “Tips To Survive The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

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  3. Kitt Crescendo

    So glad you mentioned the blunt objects…with the upcoming apocalypse I now feel prepared to go forward with a fair amount of confidence…of course there’s only a couple of days left, right?


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