Do You Really Care To Know?

Well I had several ideas for a blog post but I  needed to be at home to write them for various reasons, mainly my inspiration and materials are there so since I’m at work and I carry my journal with me, I figured I write a journal exert instead for my first post (technically second).  I said I would on occasion do this omitting certain things, one because some things just need to be left to my personal journal and know one needs to know and two my kids may read this and they don’t need to read everything I put in my journal either.  So, if you are willing, come take a ride on this train and see where the journey takes you.

This is an exert from the first entry I made in my journal.  FYI the time is military time, 20 years Air Force (retired), it’s hard to change sometimes.

“19 Feb 12, 1847, Woodbridge VA

Journal Entry 1

Well I’ve tried these before and never kept up with them but I figured why not try one more time.  In the past I always started with my past trying to work forward and that worked about as well as Bin Laden trying to get a green card.  So I figure I’ll start with the present and maybe do some flashbacks as appropriate.  My name is Robert Nelson….”

Now I purposely left off the rest cause it said where I worked and I don’t think anyone needs that information.  Don’t need any stalkers.  So here is another exert from that same journal entry.  Now at the time I was sitting at work on day 2 of a 12 hr mid shift with a pounding headache, sore throat from coughing and pneumonia.  I had had it so far for 2 weeks.

“Thankfully I’m just sick and the zombie apocalypse hasn’t started.  Not that I’m not prepared for it.  I’ve seen enough zombie movies and I have my Zombie Survival Guide, so I’m confident I’ll make it through.  I just have to figure out how to get to my kids in Florida.  Only problem is I don’t think they will want to leave their mother behind and I don’t want that bitch around me.”

Again I left off the rest due to the fact my kids may on the off chance read this and they don’t need to read in black and white how I really feel about my ex.  Though some might argue it, I do have a few morals.  So this is me.  A glimpse into my twisted brain and how I think.  It’s not just for show as you see I even write it in my own personal journal.  Hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect but then again i hope to surprise you and write exactly what you didn’t expect next time.  Things to come, how to survive the zombie apocalypse, the pains of being a good father and and having to pay out the ass to an ex at the same time, the paranormal, more journal exerts, book reviews, and my thoughts on the one show I absolutely love The Walking Dead which airs on AMC and Season 3 will be airing this fall.

By the way check out my wife’s blog, it is outstanding. Just go to the following address


2 thoughts on “Do You Really Care To Know?

  1. shanson3871

    Very good baby.. 🙂 I like it alot. And thank you for the shout out for mine. I still say your not going to be happy until the dead arise and walk the I’m so proud of you baby…I’m proud of all the things your doing to try to make yourself happier and our life better.


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