Where To Begin?

So I have been keeping a personal journal for a while now, maybe two months, which is longer than I have ever done before, and believe me I have made many attempts at this in the past.  But this time it’s different, I’m different.  Anyway, I’m doing that, I’m doing tons of reading, mainly zombie books, and my wife is bloggin on this site as well and it was actually her blogging that gave me the inspiration to maybe start myself.  She has posted so many great blogs, I thought what the hell, I’ll try it, instead of just commenting on hers, I’ll do my own as well.  I figure so I don’t get cast in one particular group, I’m going to vary what I post about.  I may blog some excerpts from my journal (not everything, cause some things have to remain personal), book reviews, maybe vent now and then, give pointers to survive the coming zombie apocalypse, so on and so forth.  Whatever it happens to be, one may never know, but hopefully it will be entertaining to say the least.


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